Leather Masks of the finest quality. Each mask is Handmade by award-winning mask maker, Alyssa Ravenwood.

Ravenwood Masks is open for this summer only!  If you have always wanted an original Ravenwood Mask the time is now!




- A master mask maker
Alyssa Ravenwood creates masks that are both beautiful and comfortable.

Hawkgirl cosplay leather mask

Welcome to my shop!

Thank you for visiting my shop Ravenwood Masks. I care about your experience here. I care about making you the best mask that I can. Clients have praised my masks for their quality construction, comfort, and durability. 


I am still adding masks to this site. If there is a design you want but do not see here, please contact me to make it especially for you.

I am currently pursuing an MFA in Fine Arts. This is why I am only available for mask making this summer. It has been two years since I was last available to make masks for you. Please don't delay, get the mask of your dreams now.


Find out more about my artwork and career at my website - alyssaravenwood.com.

With all my very best wishes,

Alyssa Ravenwood