Circus Star - Mardi Gras masquerade mask


Sorry, custom orders are closed.

Thank you so much for your support of Ravenwood Masks and my work!
This is a one-woman business and this woman is back in school full time to get my MFA.

I am not accepting custom orders while in school.
I will have masks and other works available for sale here on my ready to ship page.

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Alyssa Ravenwood

Be the center of attention is this stunning masquerade leather mask with opalescent highlights and Swarovski crystals. Choose your own colors.

Quality hand crafted leather mask:
Cut, carved, sculpted, painted and signed by designer Alyssa Ravenwood.

Custom color choices. Match your outfit.

Hand sculpted leather Venetian style mask perfect for a holiday masquerade ball.

Black leather suede ties for an old world romantic look.

Easy to display on the wall as an art sculpture. The mask is fitted with loops on the back to hang the mask.

Signed, dated original work of art.

Width- 14 in, 36 cm
Height- 11.5 in, 29 cm

Ships via insured Priority Mail
INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Our price does not include possible customs fees or taxes your government may charge. These fees are the responsibility of the client. *

Fits most faces:
Looks great on women and men.

Lightweight mask. Leather softens with your body heat and adjusts to fit your face.

Sealed with a protective varnish.

*Please read Terms and Conditions page for complete information. Thank you.


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